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11/09/2011 08:56 AM
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If you want my 2c on it :

I have a very bad vibe and feeling about the OCCUPY-wave throughout several states/countries ...
When I saw the first news-articles about OCCUPY-ARRESTS in the media, I knew that this was just the beginning of a plan that was set up by TPTB, ..
to get all protesters in view with the opportunity to make arrests,
scare this 'motion' in its progress,
and if nessecary USE IT to PULL OFF their MARTIAL LAWS,
claiming that the populace was growing "out-of-control" ... >*just like the TURMOIL AT THE G20 last year was set IN STAGE (under the "arrestants" were undercover cops, shoes and clothers blew up their cover).*<

BE CAREFULL , be wise
and KNOW and see-through their plans !

Its good that people stand up for something,
and reach out and combine their efforts !

But in several emails and articles about OCCUPY
I read concerning WORDS that trigger emotions and set mazes for energy to flow, which are not all good.

For example (bolded the BAD):

- Occupy is a command and resolution, an affirmation and an ideal. Definitions of 'occupy': 'to dwell or reside in, to hold or fill an office, to seize possession of and maintain control over, by, or as if by conquest.' The term, Occupy the Planet alludes to a grand awakening that is enabling the Spirit of Humanity to take up residence - as the soul in control; it's about the awakening many who are starting to reclaim their power and control from the few ...

Awakening is NOT 'claiming control' !! And is not ever an 'OVERTAKE' ! Is not 'RESISTANCE' !
AWAKENING, Peace and Freedom can NOT be CLAIMED , nor FORCED. Awakening is NEVER a FIGHT ! and does not JUDGE .. coz it UNDERSTANDS "All that is" and the reasons why it IS.

- meaning that collectively speaking, the OWS Warrior seeks to 'emerge from the battle triumphant'.

Warriors ??? Battle ??? Triumphant ????
There are expressions of TPTB !!!
Not of Peace, Freedom and Awakening.

"Awakening" is NOT 'VICTORY' ! And that is what Occupy desires ...

Occupy is a REACTION of, and against unwanted things, ... it is set in motion by ANGER and disagreements ... Occupy is the triggered power of the sub-conscious and unknown unconscious of the mass !!!
This is a very very DANGEROUS play ... We havent been used to handle our subconscious streams and emotions.

OCCUPY is the TRAP set up by TPTB-infiltrants,
with the goal to locate and identefy groups and personalities, and in a later stage to call off the (by the PTB desired) Martial Laws, in order to better and on a bigger scale CONTROL people and events.

OCCUPY is yet an other manipulation, and mani-POLUTION if we blindly follow like disciples in a reaction of anger and unhappyness.

AWAKENING is a chain-choise, a chain change, a conscious ACTION, is BEING-ARE ... is harmony and balance ... never a FIGHT, but allways honest experience ... and is NEVER A PROTEST !

Awakening is CHAIN-GE that comes from the consciousness within and by the VIBRATIONAL MERGE of ALL WE ARE.

CHAINGING (deliberate spelling) a matrix or a template, a structure, a paradigm, (etc) ... can be done in many ways, but the most effective start from within, start with a VIBRATION and FREQUENCY, which reaches out and grows in magnitude ... without FORCE or manipulation. It connects 'hearts and spirit' instead of 'anger' ...
If you realise what kind of a TRAP Occupy could be, then you are less vurnable to it coz you gained consciousness. Then it will not as easely Dominate you and Trigger you in vurnable situations and emotions.
CHAINGING is UNITY ... the TY between yoU aNd I
... a spiral of connection, instead of resistance ...
... bonding and merging in conscious freedom, and not by command, appel, control ..

Beware that OCCUPY (occupation) is not taking control over you !

FIND BETTER WAYS to-get-there to-getter.
If you learn how Energy works, then you will understand how to use it for the BETTER to create Harmony and Balance.