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The Ultimate Feng Shui

Adam El Masri
User ID: 1391721
05/20/2011 07:50 AM
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The Ultimate Feng Shui
Feng shui stands for Wind Water in English, widely relied upon in oriental construction culture in buildings of all types and usages,

but above all in sacred and important buildings such as temples or towers and skyscrapers.

When one hears of the word Feng Shui one immediately relates it to China and Chinese culture, in part that is true, but in reality Feng Shui term is the only accurate correlation to China, for the art of Feng shui though in different terms and different languages was first applied and recorded in history by the Egyptians along with the sacred geometry in constructing the mighty pyramids, that was the ultimate feng shui…

Common laymen would think of Feng shui as in re arranging home interior decoration, though this is also true, but this in fact is only a minor part of the total Feng shui.

Feng shui in original definition of application is related to the flow of energy, be it energy of a building, a house, a garden or a physical body.

Therefore, Feng shui was mostly popular in the ancient times when people were more reliant on their beliefs of essence of energy and its direct impact on their daily living.

I once heard of a story told about Prophet Abraham, that he once was paying one of his children a visit when he noticed the disappointment and unpleasant facial expression of his son, He, Abraham asked his son about what burdens him and his son expressed his worries and asked of his father Abraham if there was anything he can do to improve his living standard and livelihood.

Abraham answered in asking of his son to change his doorstep. metaphorically…

The doorstep according to interpreters of this story is correlated to Abraham’s daughter in-law, his son’s wife.

This is a perfect example of how Feng shui is not strictly related to buildings and decoration but rather to much more crucial things and beings in life.

In this case it was the wife of the son of Abraham that left a negative impact on his life and affected his livelihood.

Sometimes, you may wear a garment of specific material which negatively influence your life, or may attract an unwanted negative energy towards you.

One might have friends of negative effect on one’s livelihood, luck, or success.

And in this case, one needs to pay extra attention to his first gut feeling about things, but for someone to be able to successfully rely on this natural intuition, one needs to go through and extensive thorough training that sharpens one’s senses and molds it into the appropriate alert and dependable mode…

A house, a car, or a friend a clothes or even a pet, anything can be inappropriate to the energy of an individual, that is why there is good luck and bad luck, lucky and unlucky people. There is so much one can learn about his energy trend and energy needs by listening to his gut feeling.

I need to clarify one important point, having said the above, we need to keep this fact in mind; that if a person is not appropriated to your energy, or personal Feng shui it does not necessarily mean this person is bad or evil, it simply means this person is not your appropriate partner, or his energy is not appropriate to mingle with your Fend shui, bad chemistry!

Conclusion: the son of Abraham’s wife was not evil or bad, just like if you buy a new car and it was not suited to your energy does not mean the car was evil or not good. It simply means it was not appropriate with your energy criterion that is all…

The main principle of Feng shui is to learn to retain and preserve the balanced flow of energy. And by saying balanced I meant to emphasis on the importance of the negative and the positive with its neutrality factor to keep its balance while in active mode.

So, before one starts lavishly spending on Feng shui for his home interior one needs to consider his or her behavior which is a reflection of his or her personal Feng shui.

Behavior and habits tends to influence a person’s Feng Shui, as well as negative thinking and egoism.

I happened to work on couple of Feng Shui during my last trip to Dubai, just to demonstrate the integrated proceeds that generates from its appropriate application.

Last but not least, always remember to work on your personal Feng shui before you commit your pocket on your surroundings Feng shui, else one would be wasting precious cash.

Good luck with your energy training and may you have a fruitful and prosperous Feng shui chain reaction.


Adam El Masri

[link to www.paradetect.com]
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1316293
United States
05/20/2011 07:53 AM
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Re: The Ultimate Feng Shui