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"The Coming Wrath, A Palastinian State in September, The Rapture , Elenin and Its All Connected

Anonymous Coward
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United States
05/10/2011 07:05 PM
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"The Coming Wrath, A Palastinian State in September, The Rapture , Elenin and Its All Connected
From: A Humble Servant

I have been a watcher for over ten years. I am beside myself what God has shown me is coming. It seems everyone watching has a little piece of the puzzle. Who the AC may be, when the rapture ,may be, etc. Well guess what it is all connected. I have received confirmation in the scripture and from other watchers on all pieces of the puzzle and also confirmed with scripture. Enough about me here is what God has showed me.

This entire world is like a matrix designed to keep us entertained and distracted away from the truth productive little worker slaves unto death and hell. If someone does start searching there are any number of religions to fill their spiritual needs to keep them from the truth. If they come to a mainline church in Jesus the gospel has been watered down
and the bibles have been rewritten and copyrighted (Can God's word be copyrighted) so that they are not receiving the whole truth as well. The fluoride in the water the bromine in the bread dumb us down and makes us more PLIABLE to suggestion from ungodly chatter IE our television. Having proper Iodine supplementation can along with supplements like Calm plus calcium can reverse this docility and also turn off the TV.

Just read the KJV Bible (400 years of the truth). The truth is that the life we are leading is a lie we are worshiping the creatures created with our hands, TV, sports, money and God has been removed from education, history, creation, by design. God is calling for true repentance the bible says be holy as I am holy separate yourself from any unclean thing and purge yourself from the filth of the flesh and spirit. The reason 99% of "Christians" are not seeing the clear signs are because they have been taught that salvation is by faith through grace not of works which is true. But works are good deeds that spring from being saved. The fact is the bible says that who are those who believe in Jesus those who follow his commandments. He came to fulfill the law not remove it. Without a heartfelt repentance where we surrender ourselves to the Lord IE Jesus is Lord and Savior and a turning from the walking in the vanity of our minds in this world we cannot be born again. We must confess Jesus as Lord and savior. No one has any problem with Him as savior its just when we suggest He needs to be Lord and they need to capture every thought and action to be in line with Jesus they balk saying that is works. Doing so they quench the Holy Spirit and cannot discern lies from truth according to God's word. So what am i saying? They have no personal relationship with Jesus as their Lord so the Holy Spirit is not active in them. So i hearing they do not hear and seeing they do not see. This whole world is designed to keep them from a true personal relationship with Jesus that does save and reveal all truth.

I have earnestly sought the truth and got more then I could carry. And no one besides the two groups who know the season the Born Again watchers and the evil transgressors have a clue. Here is what is coming and how it all connects. We must save others from the fiery trial coming upon the Earth!

The fact is that the heavenly body coming into our solar system is tied to our treatment of Israel and they have known about it and prepared. They are pushing for a Palastinian State in a Day By UN Decree by the end of September. Statements have been made it has to be done this September! Why since they know what is coming! This will trigger the Day of the Lord. The instrument of this wrath is ELENIN or NIberu, or X whatever you want to call it. Jesus certainly knew about this object and what the state of man would be when it came again. Jesus said it would be in as the days of Noah to the coming of the Son Of Man. This object coming though 7200 years ago caused the great flood.

Only now as all the pieces come together can we see the picture. Check out Firechargers site on Youtube he has a great video that explains this. In essence Elenin is coming between the Earth and the sun September 26-28th This will cause three days of darkness and a worldwide earthquake. it is the beginning of the sixth seal judgment and rapture where the dead in Christ shall rise. Remember the great earthquake when Jesus died and the darkness and the dead came out of the graves. Plus the video shows and then The sign of the woman giving birth (Venus) it wil appear in the stars on Rosh Hoshanna that is when the rapture will occur. Perry Stone did a great series explaining why the rapture would be on a Rosh Hoshanna. It is the wedding feast of the jews and it is the feast where no man knows the day or the hour. It has a last trumpet get it. The thing is only those Christians who are watching waiting and praying really trying to get themselves seperated from the vanity of this world into a close relationship with Jesus or there already will be ruptured because the Holy Spirit that which came down from above needs to be active in a believer not quenched and prophecy has to be believed not despised for a spiritual readiness to exist. It's the oil in the lamps and where the watchman was watching and his house was not broken up. We are to have oil in our lamps and watch and pray and spereate ourselves to be holy. But how can we watch?

God is showing us with the timing of this peace plan having to be done by the end of September. He is showing us who is in office to facilitate it, the signs in the sun and moon and stars along with the revelation with the blood moons and timeline. the rapture is a pre-trib or pre wrath rapture because he said unless those days were shortened no flesh would survive. The point is hardly anyone is watching, waiting and rushing to make Jesus Lord. The powers that be are preparing their caves and bunkers to hide in to emerge and chip the survivors or hey no food and water or off with your head. The watchers are warning and praying and the elite are digging and most are sheep on the wide path perishing for lack of knowledge and willful ignorance of as Jesus said believing in error things will just continue along as always forgetting the days of Noah and what the end of things will be.

First Peter says what the end of things will be so what manner of people should we be. The Earth and all the works in it are about to be literally destroyed along with most living on it.
Our only hope is to be ruptured before it begins. Only those who have made Jesus Lord and Savior not perfect but redeemed and watching and praying will be taken. The choice is simple either you believe and repent and be saved or you place your bets nothing will come of this and life goes on although when you die you meet Jesus and your not in a relationship with Him the resulting end is the same. Or you ask Jesus to be Lord and savior now while there is time. Jesus is the ARK get on it its starting to rain.

For all the watchers out there please piece it together yourselves check the scripture tie in all the preponderance of proof out there. It is like the matrix everyone walking around having fun, going to church eating doughnuts, talking sports and the Holy Sprit gave you the red pill and is screaming in your head to tell them to wake up now. But you have tried and no one listens. They either think they are saved so why worry, or do not care if they are so why worry, or they do not lift their heads up from TV long enough or if its not on CNN its not real. WAKE UP! ELENIN IS COMING AND IT IS THE FORETOLD DAY OF THE LORD THE DAY OF WRATH WHEN THEY DECLARE PALESTINE A STATE IN THE UN. THE USA WILL ABSTAIN AND WILL BE DESTROYED WHEN YELLOWSTONE, NEW MADRID, SAN ANDREAS, ALL GO AT ONCE. TIME IS SHORT GET RIGHT WITH THE LORD NOW. WE CANNOT STOP THIS THE NATION WILL NOT TURN AND HUMBLE THEMSELVES TO THE LORD THEY SEE NO REASON WHY. THEY HAVE NOT BEEN WARNED BY THEY SHEPPARD'S WATCHING THE FLOCK - THEY WILL HAVE THE SIGN OF JONAH THREE DAYS OF DARKNESS BUT BY THEN ITS TOO LATE! PLEASE COME TO JESUS NOW WARN OTHERS ELENIN AND THE WRATH OF GOD IS COMING THE EARTH AND ITS INHABITANTS ARE IN REBELLION TO HIM.