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Subject Time wave zero graph shows energy ebbing and waining and finally disappearing from our world.
Poster Handle pulsed out
Post Content
People have found numerous correlations between the spikes and dips in the time wave zero graphs to almost all significant world events.

There are also cycles, or repetitions, of historical trends which Terrance McKenna calls "resonances"

But has anyone looked at the Time Wave Zero graphs, from the big bang up until 2012, as simply pre-programmed levels of energy, available to global civilization as it moves through time?

At the time of the big bang the graph shows energy at the very highest level, by 2012 the graph shows energy at zero, at the very bottom of teh graph. After that, the prevailing prophesy is that the sun reboots and we are into something entirely new. Surely this graph is showing the general energy levels for our world and the solar system.

The Time Wave Zero graph could be called "the losing of energy through time graph".

If this theory is true, we will be seeing a general dying off of Nature and Goodness over the next couple years, as the last remnants of energy are desperately used up, in service of the almighty ego, in our world.

With less energy there will be less enlightenment. Cultures, and especially governments, will slowly subvert to more baseless activities. There will be severe fighting over what little resources are left. And the poor will simply start dying off.

Another way to look at this graph is that all positive energy is drained or pushed out of the world leaving only negative energy, but either way is dire.

Approaching 2012, few people will care about anything, not even themselves. Evil will prevail across the board and no positive movements will be able to start.

This last slide into zero energy starts around Nov the 14th. I think that Nature will react chaotically and angrily to less energy and so will society.

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