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Subject Political Differences in the Distribution of Adverse Reactions Caused By The Vax
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Original Message (weighed by Population)

As you can see from the table below, I obtained the number of adverse reactions recorded in VAERS for each state in the USA. Then I obtained the current population figures for each state and calculated the number of adverse reactions per 100,000 population (Column 5). Then I ordered column 5 from largest to smallest.

The result was clear. Democrat states occupy most of the top 20 states for adverse reactions. Whilst Republican states occupy most of the bottom 28 states.

Democrat states have double the adverse reactions compared to Republican states.


**Why Does this Pattern Arise?**

Democrat states are defined by their public policy, and by the demographic of their populations. It seems that Democrat policy is poisoning their populations, and/or Democrat populations are more eagerly swallowing that poison.

A safe state is one where the leadership has good policy, and where the people have independence and strength within themselves to protect themselves.

Note that marginal states - those labeled bet (between) have levels of adverse reactions that are also midway between democrat and republic !!

**Taking a Closer Look at Policy Differences**

Republican policy may be characterised by upholding of the rights to -
* private property
* bodily autonomy
* self defence and bearing arms
* national independence
* independent thought
* Christian belief

Consequently it sets a boundary between the state and the individual which does not allow for forced medication or invasion of what is considered private.

In contrast, Democrat policy seeks to -
* abolish private property
* even the private property of ones own body
* remove the means of defending oneself
* dissolve national independence/boundaries
* censor independent thought
* abolish Christian belief

In this policy context, is it any wonder then why Democrat states are twice as poison

Support Trump?**

I do not support Trump, since he is pro-V.

But I do support the independence of people from the state, which is a safe-guard against tyranny. A strong population of independent-thinking, and empowered individuals is important for resisting the current censorship and mind-control evident in the mass media, resisting the current infringements upon private liberties, and maintaining the right to say NO to mandated medications.

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