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Subject Boom: The truth is leaking out about the ICIG and WB
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Original Message So that meeting between democrats and a few republicans that occurred last night, it was about how to cover up the legal issues involving the ICIG.

WB1 went to his superior but was turned away for lack of evidence. He then went directly to Schiff’s office with the 2nd- and 3rd-hand information. He met with Schiff’s staff, then talked with Schiff later.....my source does not know if this was in person or by phone.

WB1 with help from Schiff and Hillary’s lawyer wrote the complaint. But they had a huge problem. It did not qualify for WB status due to the 1st hand knowledge rule.

So they had WB1 bring the complaint to ICIG Atkinson. The ICIG went to the DNI and the IC committee who both denied the complaint based on lack of evidence.

So the ICIG then coordinated with Schiff’s office to figure out how to bypass the evidence issue. They came up with having the ICIG change the complaint form. This was done in September.

But there was another problem......WB1 had already filed his complaint with the older form. So the ICIG backdated the changed complaint form to August.

Why does this matter?... It allowed the ICIG to bypass every check and balance WB protocols to bring it straight to Congress and then complain everyone was attempting to hide this information. It also allowed the complaint to become public when WB1 had no standing to file a complaint against the president.

The WB, ICIG, and Schiff are conspiring together. It’s treason, again.

Now as I mentioned before, the WB2 actually gave some of the information to WB1. He only came forward now because investigators were getting close to him, so he filed the 2nd 2b complaint to protect his ass. He worked with Brennan and Clapper. WB1.worked closely with Brennan.

So my question is,: Why has Senator Burr not stepped forward and demanded a full investigation into Pelosi, Schiff, the ICIG, and both WBs?

What is he and the rest of the Republican senators waiting for? Demand answers!!!
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