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Subject Nibiru came on June 10, 2019 when Sol & Jupiter were in opposition crossing ... and you all missed it
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Original Message So, yeah, you just all missed the Nibir/Nibiru, that is the star near the opposition alignment transit of Jupiter (Babylonian Marduk) with the Sun. Not 2012, 2019, and you missed it like a big champ. Swoosh, right over your head. I'm sorry to disappoint those devoted disciples of Sitchin who have been waiting so long, but you really shouldn't have read books written by a hack snake oil salesman. Sorry.

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Marduk was associated with lightning and storms. He uses lightning as a weapon in the Enuma Elish, for example, and he rides in a storm chariot. So why did he become assigned to the planet Jupiter? One of the obvious reasons is that Jupiter is the third brightest object in the night sky, behind the moon and Venus. Jupiter’s apparent twelve-year trek around the ecliptic became an important way Babylonian astrologers marked the zodiac, making the planet the “ruler” of the zodiac and thus the cosmos. The Enuma Elish reports that the Babylonians believed that Marduk established the celestial station of Nibir (or Nibiru), where Jupiter was opposite the sun, and thus the cosmic throne ruling over the zodiac.

Astrology Transits With Sol Near Midheaven on June 10, 2019
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