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Subject The Appalling Insanity of the Anti-hedonists (Rebuking the Thanatoxic Ignobles)
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Original Message Hell is hopelessness.

What is hope?

A feeling, dopamine-dependent, hedonic as any other. Only a malefic tongue would twist it filthy.

Without it, stress trots right in, an abominable assailant taking a havoc-hailing hammer to the precious pillars of your temple. Destruction is the principle of hopelessness.

Illness not only favors dread, decay and death, but often forces a sometimes insidiously subtle (as attuned to the severity of illness) abstinence upon its victim

What gets a malevolent entity off more than the suppression of others? These fire-extinguishing, soul-shredding demons would rather we rot.

I tried their way; accepted the anhedonic state. And guess what? The corrosion deepened. No value. No dignity. No purpose. No spirit.
More shame, decomposing the soul, stifling growth, creativity, expression and exploration. A precarious path to Nothingness.

Turns out, abstinence is a clandestine operative of pestilence. Surprise twist? Nature actually isn't a monstrous sadist whose sole purpose is to use our own desires against us. No, our desires guide us; they are the ignition sequence, sparking wonder and mystery to propel our understanding. Onward & onward. Ever deepening. The depths are calling. Hear them out! Side with Ongoingness, Eros. That the vexing vitriol of sordid distorters would pass for Truth is unacceptable. Let's learn what it's like to live - through solemn experience. That has value. Abstinence, only smarmy delusion.

Beat with the heart of the matter; cross with the crux of the chatter.

Hope & Mystery are ordained keepers of Energy. Without them, the savory sanctuary of Infinity is desecrated. Imprisoned within Abaddon, a voiceless soul roams the ashy, pitiful pit of true death.

To advocate such misery? One must be insane. I'm curious if they truly believe what they preach, or if cognitive dissonance is the shroud stealing sight.

What say ye, O devourers?

The antivenom is prepared. We've been there, done that, succumbed to the wretched torment to see revitalized. Your big lie is compromised.
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